Friday, November 9, 2012

PHOTOS! Fun Fun Fun in Austin...

Austin, Texas is a pretty cool town, a little weird, but still mad cool. This was our 2nd trip there and we got a more authentic sense of the city this go round. We were in Austin (the self proclaimed live music capital of the world) for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 to see Run DMC live! on the (orange) Stage. We shopped, we walked, we heard music we love, we ate, we people watched, we photographed... while people watching and we really enjoyed the super chill, hipster neighborhood that is Austin. Below is a tiny pictorial glimpse of our weekend using my trusty iPhone camera along with the photographer's camera while we were in Austin... [all photos taken by ©Ron Ward unless otherwise noted]
Riding around Austin in my Goorin Brothers newsboy that I'm in LOVE with..
Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012. We were there!
Our stay was nice. This place was urban chic done well. We booked last minute using Hotel Tonight. Click the pic for more pics of this place...
We passed a courtyard wedding on our way to the festival at Auditorium Shores and couldn't help but snap a pic...
The sea of music lovers at Fun Fun Fun Fest.  [taken with my iPhone]
The festival really encouraged alternate forms of transportation to the venue. Bikes (and pedi-cabs!) way outnumbered motor vehicles.. [taken with my iPhone]
This was just before Run DMC came on. They sounded exactly like they did in the 80's, they covered It's Tricky, Sucker MC's, Mary Mary, Walk This Way, Peter Piper, My Adidas, 30 Days, Krush Groove Part 2, Rock Box, Beats to the Rhyme plus more and Jam Master Jay's two sons did a DJ set. [pic taken with my iPhone]
The sea of people (after the lights went up) still hanging around after Run DMC's set, we left the festival shortly after to explore Austin nightlife... [pic taken with my iPhone]

The pedi-cab! A great way to see Downtown Austin and a great job if you want to lose a few lbs.
Night time pedi-cab..
Austin Street Food

We actually ate at Frank for lunch the following day, but we parked there during the festival all weekend. 
In the parking lot at Frank... and I promise you I wasn't tired because it was after 10pm. Well.. maybe a little, lol.

Chocolate Whisky Butter Bread Pudding. YUM. We indulged in this (with coffee!) after our hot dog's at Frank's. Taken with my iPhone.
Men in short shorts! Don't act like you don't know. What kicks these guys were for the cameras. Gotta love Downtown Austin

We had a nice last night in Austin at La Condesa. Other Austin hotspots we hit up while we were there? Annie's Cafe, Joe's Bakery and The Elephant Room which was a super cool spot for late night jazz. 
Cheers to a great trip to Austin! [pic taken with my iPhone at La Condesa]

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